Jcobi's College Management Software Does it All!

Jcobi has changed everything when it comes to campus management.   It's no longer necessary for small colleges to buy expensive, unwieldy systems that require costly equipment, and specialized IT support.  Nor do small colleges need to use several different software products which don't integrate.

Jcobi is a comprehensive college management system.  Jcobi is a complete Student Information System (SIS).  Jcobi is a powerful Learning Management System (LMS). Jcobi is one powerful, completely integrated system for your entire campus.

Amazingly Affordable

Jcobi Campus is the most affordable online college management and student information system on the market today.  How affordable is it?  Take a look.

Completely Integrated

Jcobi Campus offers over 200 completely integrated features for one very affordable price.  No modules or add-ons to buy.
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Safe & Secure

Jcobi offers a level of security that's the best in the industry - bar none. And don't worry about backing up your data...we do it for you.  Learn more.